Monday, June 30, 2008

The bus driver that impress me

Now I always hate to take SMRT buses, but I am left with no choice cos only SMRT buses run through the residential area where I stay :( . I hate to take 190,700 cos its always crowded and I stand all the way 1hrat least from town back to my place. Its always crowded, long wait. I joking tell my girl friends, I only hope to have a standing place, don't even pray for a seat.

Its terrible terrible terrible... I pay to get a standing space, how ridiculous can this be.

Anyway last Friday night at about 8.10pm- 8.15pm I manged to get on this bus from the bus stop opposite Park Mall , yeah standing right beside the bus driver. Now this bus is super crowded as always. Heard the bus driver using mandarin to ask the people to move in. Notice he drives pretty steady (unlike the F1 bus driver whom I met the week before).

At the next stop, the driver stood up again using english and mandarin saying: I need your cooperation.. ... 请大家多多合作..... Wow. this is so polite.. I can't believe my own ears....

Next he closed the door and move on. Suddenly I hear him asking politely if the man beside me has paid the fare yet. My goodness, he actually still have the eyes, and ears to monitor. At the next stop, he ask the passenger around me if they getting down, they said no and he didn't open the front door as its simply too crowded.

Oh mine, I am so impressed with this driver.. Hmmm I haven't wrote a compliments letter for him yet... Ok the plate no should be 1042E.... Bus 190... hmmmm so polite and steady bus driver ... :)

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cpbunch said...

It's the little things people do that can make our day better. I hope you continue to get many more nice bus drivers in the future!