Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thank you gals (sorry oops one of u is now our jie mei0

this post is late but still want to thank you gals for letting me having a memorable bday this year.. To the angels thanks for suggesting the nice beautiful place, hopefully one day i can get married and have wedding photos taken there. Oh ya thanks jun for the pretty flower card, u sure do know i like flowers and thanks for the nice manicure set which i havnet start to use yet haha... Oh yes thanks that you gals never wish me quickly find a white horse prince charming .. haha.

To the usual gang, thanks for the nice japanese lunch, and thanks snowei for making the trip specially just to change to nice mickey.. You guys are just unique ya know, can talk about north south east west (read in mandarin please) haha if you get what I mean.

And thanks to XX ( should i say ur name out) thanks for the nice bracelet. To sensitive readers, its a gal not a guy ahhaha...

u see the little cute card here, its from my collegues, this time round they all contribute and make a card, cos i been making cards for their bday :)

Oh ya K gave me a nice necklace too....

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