Thursday, August 21, 2008

What a day

1) Morning MRT always so crowded!!
2) Late evening MRT also crowded.. I tot 8 plus pm I could get a seat from Raffles MRT no luck...
3) I am still puzzled, why this lady came charging into me . Ermmm I am not a man, pls don't fall into me. Anyway I thinks she lost her balance but am still wondering what happen cos I don't recall mrt is jerking.
4)This is the highlight of the day which really makes me not happy. I wonder why did I ever trust people so much. And I wonder why someone can literally forget the words she once said and now denied it and instead quote it into my mouth :( This is not the first time that happened. I wonder why are people so afraid to admit the words that they said. Nah, so I am a badie now. Thank God my other Gf knows her character well and know me well enough. Hopefully she does else she would think I am the abddie...

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