Monday, August 17, 2009

lalala mood

In a happy mood since 2 Fridays ago because its offical. I do not have to cover my collegue when she is on maternity which is starting next week. Yippie...

I know I sound mean. But really work is at my neck now. I got no more bandwidth. Tried that from Jan till Apr, and tell you I never been so tired before. I already doing my own stuff plus my ex team lead stuff since late last year and no headcount replacement. So give me some more, I am not going to float but drown...

I am glad cos I didn't have to turn down my boss as she didn't approach me Amen.. Previously my collegues were telling me : You think you can escape... Well the likelihood of me covering a certain piece is very very high since I used to be the one doing and I was already covering the person when she was on long medical leave since Jan...

And hmm my boss is going to help me cover my forecast when i am on leave.. cos no one wants to do this forecast piece.. What a irony ha ha.. spend 3 hrs going thru with boss last week and that almost make me have a sore throat... gosh... and she ended up with 6/7 pages of notes. .and till now i still havent add in all the formulas for her easy checking.. hmmmmm I never have this luxury when I take over from my ex team lead . Alot of things I got to figure out and all those automation i got to do it myself lor.

Its ok.... Well at least i get to be on leave .. I really need a break else all of you will see a zombie panda looking Mei.... or maybe a robot??

Was happy for Xiao Yu too. I was so happy when she ping me last monday. I was concern that I havnet hear from her and blur me forgot to ask for her hp number. And with the typhoon, was wondering where is she. Well she is still upset I know but I am glad she listen to me and visit her mum. Not only that she is persistent, the first time she wasn't too happy with her mum and told herself she will never go and vist her mum again. But I am happy that her mum call her and she decide to vist her again. This time round, not as bad as the 1st time.

lord is good, I am really happy for her. I dont know why when I was trying to comfort her I told her to go visit her mum. I kind of recall one of Joel Osteen sermons I guess or could be my own Pastor sermons... guess its probably Spirt led... am so happy yippee..
I know better things are going to happen to her soon, all waiting for her to claim. fdidn't see her lately... :(

Now I hope Ah bell will be a strong gal too. Think she should be back in the coming week, hope I can try to talk to her some time .. Cos its the dreaded close again.

What is wrong with the place Taiwan. sounds like a sad place.. hmmmmm sorry the events revolving around these 2 ladies are their personal life stories, cannot disclose the details afterall its their story not my story, and I need to respect them.

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