Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A horrible close

This is yet one of the worst close perhaps the worst close I have gone through in my 3.5 years in this company.

Imagine I already start my work over the weekend. Before and after my church serving I am also working.Since Monday, I had big shocks of $Xm might be at risk and I got to act quick to inform the US team about this since my boss wasn't around.

Yesterday was worst, I practically work non stop since 8.30 till 12 plus am.. yes more than 12 hours. Got to chase my teammates to finish their work so I can start another portion of my work. While they are resting I am busy consolidating the numebrs for my forecast and I can only start start around 6 plus towards 7 although I told them to finish the updates by 4pm. At 10.38pm, my collegue send me a email informing me of a deal to be on watchlist and that is another $XM.

Faint is the word I would use. Ny watchlist is full of bad news....

This morning went through the call, and its realy scary. So many bad news. Immediatelly after the call, I reupdate the list and numbers agian based on the latest movement, and yes thats only like within 1 hr, things change.

and now I promised to have daily updates to them, I doubt I have any.. It will probbaly come in on Friday the last day. Keep my fingers cross. Good thing is my counterpart didn't grill me today. Instead he say: Mei, this is not your fault" hahah Praise the lord.. thats the only thing I can laugh today.

I am so...................tired. My back and shoulders are in great pain and aching.
:( Did I tell you folks I woke up with a swollen left eye on Monday. Too heaty, and I didnt had enough water for the past 2 weeks, so was dehydrated. No choice drink bittergourd juice, its of cos bitter. Today bittergourd as well, still bitter despite blending cucumber and pear in. goodness... The left eye is so itchy as well.. haiz....

I tell myself I dont want to go through another such close agian.................:(
The other bad news I have is XXX decide to only come back in Dec. No prize for guessing who. Why is her life so "blessed". Life isn't always fair. Sorry am not complaining but its difficult for me not to compare when you realise no matter what you do, how well you performe, all of us are in the same bucket.

Who knows, since someone come in later, the package of cos will be different. No prize for guessing what I meant by this.. What can I say: Trust in the lord with all my heart....

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