Sunday, October 18, 2009

A story of mine

So far I never shared this story to my caregrp, not that I dont want to share, just too shy to share.Only XW knows of this some time ago. This year i start to share this story to my non christians frens to encourage them and now I decide to share with everyone .

In late 2005, I had tender(without a job), but still stay on as I wanted to help my mgr who is going away on maternity. Purely out of goodwill that I decide to stay on help her with the budget and until she comes back. During Dec time frame I start to see abnormal blood discharge after my menstrual cycle. It was just droplets of blood, very little discharge over a few days. As if I have another menstrual cycle. I had then thought I am probably too stress cos I had that once some years back.

I ignore it and I did go see a doc eventually, she mention I am probably too stress and tell me to go to her if this continue.

End Jan 2006 I left the company. Feb I brought my parents away to tour, and then the problem still comes back while I was on the trip.

It was then that I start to get panick. Cos then I am jobless and as every human being we start to imagine the worst. I then decide to see a chinese sinseh but well no help either. On top of that, I got some weird feeling at the throat.

Everytime whenever I go to church, when Pastor prays for healing, I will be there crying out for the lord saying: Yes lord, I want to be healed"

I pray in the bathroom while I was bathing too. It was that desperate.

And each time I am so dishearten when the following month the same thing happen.

One day after my shower, as I walk out of the bathroom, somehow I just turn back and then I saw this little red almond seed size stuff on the floor. I pick it up flush into the toilet.

I know I am healed when I pick it up that instant. Its just a feeling in my heart.

Up till now I still dont know what that thing is. Maybe should have take to the doctor.. but well.. nevermind..

The most important thing is the discharge stop and never bother me ever since. Praise the Lrod

All glory to the lord..

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