Friday, June 26, 2009

难过 失望

今晚,心情不好。好失望,也很难过。大家是朋友这么多年了,难道你们还不了解我吗? 关心地慰问,竟然变成。。。不知道她认为是嘲笑,责备。。。。。 Whatever.... 总之我的出发点是关心,担心,若有需要帮忙之处,我一定会帮她,就这么简单。

不直接问她是担心她不想让我们知道,只好问另一位友人。 走错了。

I can only say now i totally regret. Lesson learn today is next time : Mind your own biz, don't be so kpo. Don't bother about your frens too much, dont bother to ask and share your concern. If they really need help they will ask. I am not angry but very disappointed and sad. Its mixed feelings. Don't know should I been maligned, betrayed or what?

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