Sunday, June 7, 2009

My afternoon

Went to the museum, went to visit the Verner Pantom exhibition and realise Christian Lacroix the costumier is free. Oh I thought Christian Lacroix has ended so I was thrilled to realise I can kill 2 birds with one stone.

Hmm interesting how christian can design all these beautiful costumes for the operas. And as for Verner Pantom, his designs of furniture is really cool, imagine at his times in the 60s. Ok, I am not art student nor design student. I go there merely to see colors to get some color inspiration :p....

Here's the website of National musuem, I shall go to the museume and visit the whole musuem the next time round. Tell you a secret, I live to go to musuem and get to know the history. What people eat, dress, lifestyle, etc. I remember when I was in korea, I was so thrilled to see the exhibits, in Australia, I was so sadded about the life of the aborginals, how they are being bullied by the whites, how their children got kinapped, etc. In delphi, Greece, I was so reluctant to leave the musuem but as time is up so I go tno choice. I think I could have stay a whole half day in the Delphi musuem. There are so many things to see...

Anyway went to Art fren to get some brushes after the museum trip and pass by Takashimaya. And on my goodness, are you sure there is a recesssion going on? Look at the crowd.

Went to the libray to return my sis and my books, pass by citigems. And got attacted by this pendant.. oooh its really nice with the rose and white gold. Spotted a pair of earrings too. Did I tell you folks i lost one of my very old ear studs(cheap one of cos, not even 0.2 caracts, its probably 0.0X :p) haiz....

The sales guy was telling me this is very good price. And I tell him, why is it whenever its my birthday month its GSS and well there is no more special member price le.... yeah.. so sometimes I dislike GSS cos everywhere is sales, whats the pont of being a member and getting special price when I don't get to enjoy it.. nah

Think and think, I better save for my lappie instead.. Pendant, there will be more and more new designs.. hehehe thats what I think now. But who knows maybe I will get a bday gift for my ownself..

God, can you drop a pool of $$$ for me. Haiz pay freezse for so many years le. No bonus some more... what a sad life

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