Sunday, September 14, 2008

cute little one..

Heee so happy this is weilin's baby... so cute ah.. yes a baby boyFree Smiley Courtesy of Name.. I don't know, cos he hasn't got a name when he is born on 9th Sept 2008..

Am so happy for weilin, Free Smiley Courtesy of Congratulations so happy to see that you and choon kiat are now parents to a cute little boy... oops u can see how happy I am with me mention the word"happy" in this posting

Weilin mention that luckily the gynae came in time cos the baby was distress and have to be vacummed out . This reminds me of something. When Weilin msg me in the morning I somehow replied something like: the god will protect you. I don't know why but I somehow replied this. So I believe the lord is protecting her. Praise the lord

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