Monday, September 15, 2008

what kind of book are you?

If you are a book, what kind of book are you ? Romantic? Thriller? Mystery? This thought pops up into my head when I was going back to home from church on Sunday.

For me I guess my opening chapters will be easy to read, sometimes interesting and hopefully not boring. As it goes, some of it will be hard to understand, probably only those who wants to truely read through will understand it ie provide the reader wants to know more.

Half of the book will be blank as it awaits for people to fill them up with :). It could your existing friends, new people whom you met, or a life time partner. So what kind of book are you?

若你是一本书,你会是那一类的书呢? 烂漫爱情小说、扑朔迷离?



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