Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Lio

Happy Birthday Lio.
I have not forgotten its your Big day Pal. Sorry that this post came so late. I was simply too tired.(sorry I was just sleeping non stop this noon)

想说那一天看到你在脸书上说每天你觉得最有意义的事就是tuck 小瓜睡觉。我看了好感动。看到你从 那个小女孩到生为人妻到人母,abit unbelievable. haha I should have say see you from that xiao chabo turning into mother . Oops pls don't kill me for saying this. Really I always remember you as the cutie jovial girl who likes to imitate pop stars then , i still remeber you imiate Sky wu, aaron kwok. etc etc .

Time flies and now you are a mother, I see u and ur hubbie are so patient to En En.... really kudos to you two. Here's your birthday card, ok by the time you receive it it would be god knows when, but this card is really for you hor... See I have a mother bird and a little birdie symbolising you and en en.

Enjoy your day. May you be blessed with Happiness, Prosperity, Peace, and progress (oops sounds like the pledge okok this part is teasing you, Who ask you to share same birthday as Singapore.) ...

I wanan say May you be blessed with Happinesss, Prosperity, Peace, Joy, Laughter and hope En En is a good boy boy and filial son to you and CK. Stay Jovial as usual, I always love this lighter side of you who never fails to cheers me up whenever I am down..
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