Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thank you lord

2 Sisters reminded me. I think I should really thank the lord and don' t be so ungrateful fellow.

Got an award today for doing the forecast piece which I spend alot of time for the past 2 years trying to revamp the whole process. was a surprise but really i feel nothing. Nothing exciting if u were to ask me. I do have peopel telling me well deserve and its long overdue anyway... I really feel nothing. If this award has come earlier before that incident , I probably would have jump for joy.

But this time round after all that has happened, it does not mattered anything to me now.  Everyone asking a treat from me now .(strange that when u have award, everyone would just suddenly become friendly to you, congratulating you... its not even a promotion or what)  nah... I am just totally can't be bothered.  Bad huh me?  Well basicaly I am just neutral.... 心灰意冷吧??

If I have a chance to tell my boss I would tell her: You know what I want, I can't be bothered with this award...

I greedy? Nope I am not.. what matters more is something else which I know if I continue to stay here, I won't get it..... and giving me this award as a sweetner, sorry I don't buy this trick anymore...

Nevertheless. I thank you lord for giving me this award. Someday I will see how this will change my life though I can't see it now.

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