Saturday, June 19, 2010

June 18th

June 18th marks the last day of me not happy... Think I have turn vulgar for the past few days. yup even my fren was shocked that I used the word bitch this morning while talking to her over at msn.

TS was also saying I learn the bad things from her that is I start to be vulgar, with all the F words. This is not me alright.

I guess I shocked them and I was really pissed and upset and disappointed.,

anyway I thought about it, I can continue to be unhappy and curse and swear and this will still continue.. So I should learn to let go and be happy.

Most important of all is God is with me all the time. He see my heart and has prepared a feasting table for me, turning my situations around. No weapons form against me shall propser . Amen n Amen...

The incidents that happen has just tell me to be more cautious in future and well guess I will still continue to be gracious and generous to people for its a blessing to bless people. Except this time round I should pray first before I bless and if I have the peace to do so....

Welcome June 19th and lord I thank you for preparing the feasting table for me..

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