Thursday, May 21, 2009

Being thinking...

Why are some people always so pushy.
Why are some people always so kind
Why are some people always so patient
Why are some people always so kan cheong (read :impatient)
Why are some people always taking advantage of people.....
Why... .... Why.. Why

Because in this world there are all sort of people and no one is perfect. These people are the ones who causes our life moments to be happy and sad.

Lately I managed to piss someone off (Ok in her view, she must have felt that, as for me, nah I didn't do anything wrong cos in the first place, its not my responsibility at all) And she piss me off these few days, I really do not know what she wants. So hard to please. I almost vomit blood.

I was telling someone, now I am beginning to like her manager ( no wonder birds of the black feather flock together) That someone leaughs. At least her manager is more mature (ok just that little % not huge). Respect needs to be earned,and obviously both of them did not earn any from me. I don't care a damn (pardon my language) about their titles.

Someday I will be the one having the last laugh, that day will come. And the "full colors will be shown to them". 老虎不发威,你当它是病猫.

WAtch out ! I wont scream at you dont worry. I probably will only schedule a meeting and pull out that R&R piece written some time back and show you whose responsiblity it is.

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