Friday, May 8, 2009

The revelation

I have this thought that shoot me across during Sunday's service. On Tuesday when my neigbour is back from MC , i told her this. "Lets not worry about the Preggy anymore, let's not check on her work anymore. She don't report to us, and its not our duty to check on her. We have enough work and burden and let's not add another burden onto us. If its so happens that she miss out on completing her stuff, so be it. If its get escalated to our boss, so be it. Maybe thats a way that the lord wants to let boss knows."

And she agrees with me.

Both of us have been thinking if we should highlight this to our boss and both of us end up never let our boss know. Its not in our nature to feedback this negative sort of stuff. So what happens.

While covering her, I uncovered billings that she never trigger, certain revenue that she never recognised. So I do a mass clean up and set the process right for some misalighment( I still wondering why she never highlight this hmm when I had told her what the right process should be)

Anyway when she's back on part time, she actually miss out certain reports. When both me and my neigbour had reminded her and she replied : THanks for the reminder")
Imagine my shock when Neighbour (for some reason she went to check the report) discover she never complete a report. That was 8pm plus on a Friday night when I am travelling back home from work :( Well she managed to get her on the phone and complete it.

During closing time, for some reason(sixth sense), I get a coordinator of some reports to check if she completed a certain report. Yes you guess it, she never compeltes it. I got no choice and had to sms her even though she is off that day. When I see her online I ping her and nicely remind her: How about having a checklist?" Guess whats the reply: " I have a checklist".

er....... thats my reaction speechless. The next day neighbour ping me and I can tell she is pissed, Preggy had miss out another report.............haiz... what can we say...

Anyway I decided, not to check on her work anymore. It's none of my biz. Its only I do not want my boss to be put down by others that me and neighbour went to check to make sure all things are completed.

And I don't want to cover her when she is on maternity leave. Never... Never Never....................... I don't want. And boss pls don't ask me. I had enough, I am tired.......

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