Saturday, May 23, 2009

a Not so nice week

Yesterday wasn't a peaceful day for me. I decide to settle the issue with the gal so I organise a call, saying nicely something like this: Since XXX is new, lets go through the proces and see how we can collorate and improve the process."

Read:The main intention is to THRASH it out. haha

But who knows.. 魔高一仗 (sorry to use this word, thats what I felt yesterday) , she invited a whole clan of others to join in when my meeting invite is only for her and her manager. WHA.. imagine my shock when I see this. I think is another at least 8 or so people who are from another team, and I absoultely has got no issues with that team.

Bleah... no choice lor. how to turn down the rest including a controler.. horrble
might as well feed them with the process and clarify that item is not my responsibility at all.


all because of her , I broke my big cup, my big pooh bear cup. :( while i was multitasking on a concall and replying her email :

As I was about to office at 6 plus, I got a urgent call form my HK contorller. Arrrg.. these HK sales team are terrible, can't meet their goals and blame it on me for not giving them the bookings. horrible terrible. And i got to write a nice email to explain.......hate this.. what has bookings got to do with me when I am suppose to handle revenue.


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