Friday, November 6, 2009


This post was meant to be posted couple of months ago,but was just too lazy. For a few months every Friday I am always at home trying to catch this japanese drama series 绝对男友. (ultimate boyfriend??) .

why ?I seldom follow TV serials but guess this show caught my eye. Some portions its funny, cute and somehow I got attracted to the male lead. Nope not that robot. I must say he is realy handosme and cute.. but its the other lead who caught my eye is not handsome but his character in the show is simply cool. Do things without explainations and sometimes causing misunderstanding.   Oh yah another part is you can really see the girl's delication in creating the creme puffs and the guy's dream in pursuing the orginal taste of his grandfather's creame puff. .

heh there you go,yup its the one on the left handside. Most gals will say the guy in the middle is handsome.. Yes no doubt, but too handsome le, I dont like..  Anyway the not so handsome actor's name  is 水岛宏 Hiro Mizushima

Anyway partner do not need to be handsome, afterall looks will wither. Sometimes too handsome equates to  you don't have peace (if you   get what I mean.) . As long as you can get along, can communicate, see each other eye to eye, can support and guide each other , , 2 whole person (not half + half= one whole person, thats really wrong) can workship the lord together,  what more do you ask for. The rest lord willprovide.

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