Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nov 27 2009-- A day to remember--Part 1

A beautiful day to remmber, cos this is the day that my dear girlfriend got married. one of my closest buddy ...

Took a cab to her house this morning and Taxi uncle don't believe that I am not married. When I tell him that I am really not married, he says what most people  say:  "U have high standards.."    Arrrgg.. no no, I don't have high standards not asking for those 5 cs like condos, credit card etc etc. .

Maybe I should say its because I don't have high stardards that's why I am still single and available. ha hahah.. ooopsss.. well well the lord just want to enjoy my single life more, while he is preparing me and the other one ready.. Aferall I am a precious beloved Gem of the Lord :) .   I ask for is just someone of the someone whom I can workship together serving the same God, someone who is faithful (how he treat his family, friends, etc, how he handles his finance, is reponsible)  , full of loving kindness thats all.  Sounds easy right, well of cos must be able to flow with you.

Nice uncle  though, he wish me quickly find one. :)  

Evening time, was chit  chatting with the Make up artist while she was doing my make up. She ask me if I got children when I ask her how many children she has.. I said I am not married and don't have a boyfriend, she don't believe.. .......    Again same thing from what Taxi uncle say abt high standards etc.. When I said I really don't have high stds, she says some observation about Singapore men which I kind of  agree.

She says Singapore men are too fortunate. Cos they feel singapore woman have too high stds so prefer to go elsewhere to find. Not realising that sometimes these woman are out there to cheat them (btw this MUA is not from Singapore and she married a Singaporean).  She has seen many such cases through her daily interaction via her job.

One interesting comment is Singapore men are really nice guys except they have one weakness which I  do agree in a way as it speaks for most majority people, ie They can't stand tempation.

新加坡男人太幸福了。 。。。。。。 他们的确是不错但是有一个致命伤,就是经不起诱惑。

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