Thursday, April 16, 2009

Feel like vommiting blood

This is how I feel half an hour ago. This service account manager really made my blood boil. I wonder how long has he been with the company and what kind of training did he receive. He actually dare to say one piece of work is not his and is my job. I don't know should I feel thankful and happy that his and his colleuges "see me so up" (high regards/opinon of me). suddenly I am like someone who owns everything, someone who do everything. Shake head.

Actually that piece of job is when I first started with the company and is a different role entirely and I have not done that for 2 and half years.

This SAM should have given me his commission instead since he expects me to do his job. haha

Just the other day another counterpart also has a little tiff with me. Why are all these people taking granted of me? I am going to be really firm with them (hopefully I dont go soft hearted again) . Give them a inch and they want 3 inches from you. Must show them some color hahaha...

Its been tiring weeks for me, my calls are getting earlier and earlier and more and mokre work piling on me. Reaching office earlier and earlier . I gave the security guard a fright the othr day, guess he wasn't expecting anyone so early waiting :p

I want my life back..........................I am tired..... sob sob......

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