Monday, April 13, 2009

Just some thoughts

Ah jun was telling me about this bejeweled game in facebook and she was hook on it. End up I also hook on it. Was asking her how did she score so high she told me this: The more I try to score higher, the more I don't get high score. My high score just came without me knowing why. These are not the exact words but meaning is there.

I was thinking about her words and the word self effort come to my mind. Alot of times we humans try so hard to do this, do that, all depending on our self efforts and we are so mightily small. Its really hard...

Time for me to learn to learn go and lean on the lord. Its really hard for me to let go of things but I will try to. Its just hard... The more I try to let go, the more it keep bouncing back onto me. All sort of ways I try, I guess its time not to depend on my ownself. Time to depend on the lord.

Dear lord, I know I can just lean onto you and you will do the rest for me. Today I am not going to think about how to let go but rather You will lead me and set me free. You know where my bondages are and how to set them free and lead me to my final destination. Amen.

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