Monday, April 20, 2009

Sometimes things don't go the way u planned

Too many things have happen lately that I start to ponder (yes again ). Sometimes things don't happen the way you planned and there is such a word "accident" yes accidents happen. Sometimes things also happen for a reason.

Like today my original plan was to go to swim, follow by church then go home buy lunch, buy baby wipes then do my work.

I wake up feeling lazy and decided not to swim, see the sun is really sunny, took out my laundry to dry. Went to church and just when I am say about 10 mins away from the church, ring ring. phone rang. My sis call from KL asking me to call my SIL as she had tried calling home and no one was at home to pick the phone up.

Immediately something creep into my head: " No, not agian, dont tell me they quarrel again, ." Tell me which couple don't quarrel. I am just too used to them that I can put them down here in this blog. when I called SIL, its : We met with an accident, Tin Tin head got hit."

Opps I rushed down the bus, suddenly losting my sense of direction got to calm myself down , took a cab down to KK. Reach there, well my poor darling is in pain. I laid my hands on him when my SIL and maid went to do X ray. Thank god, he didnt feel that pain after .

To cut the story short. Eventually he was discharge, and I ended up at another hospital as SIL and the maid had to go to another hospital as they complain of chest pains, giddiness etc etc as KK didn't have the proper facilities. Weird why did the ambulance bring them to KK in the first place.

All are fine now. :) Praise the lord.

The A&E is so strict in the 2nd hospital, allowing only one visitor for the patient. So I was stranded outside with my bro and the 2 kids.

Since I am really bored, I brought my newphew up and visit Joey Jie , since I realise that very morning that she has' t discharge yet. And she says my newphew is handsome. I also think this darling is handsome too heheh. Now I am jealous of his long eyelashes.

Life is short.......................really short................

And I am really really tired from all the rushing to and fro. When I attended 3rd service, Pastor mention about we all having taken lunch must be sleepy. I then recall I haven't ate my lunch yet. It was till night that I had my dinner thank god mummy cook early today.

And on my way home just now I saw this van with the word Bukit panjang methodist kindergarden printed on it. Suddenly my mind flash back to when I was still a 18/19 year old teenage. I met this lady on the bus and help her with the directions. She keep thanking God then to have met me. Then I didn't know anything about God, Jesus.

I was just focusing on this: Why did the old lady's children just throw her from one place to another. This old lady if I recall correctly has children in overseas and seems that she is staying from place to place. something like this.

Now I fully understand her now. She is a lady who focus on the lord. I thank the lord for her too, for coming into my life. Though then I didn't realise but today I remember le. Oh ya she is from the Bukit panjang methodist church I remember which is why the link to the van that brought me back to this memory.

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