Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just want to say

Ephiphany: Lately people around me are sick, my collegue K is going for a surgery next week. J Jie's lungs collapsed and now hospitalised. Both of them are healthy infact K is a runner. J only realise her lungs collapes when she went for her checkup. If she didn't went for checkup......... she won't know. She didn't even feel breathless................. gosh.. I told her: Thank god u went for your checkup.

Went to the hospital to visit her just now and she told me really health is more impt. I always says my thanks to God but I never totally let go of stuff like work etc etc,

Past 2 days my sis was watching this show about aircrash investigation, and I was thinking to myself, hmm what if this happen to me, what or who would I be thinking at my last moments......

Today I shall learn to let go of work.. Thankful for waht I have now, the frens I have... I told Cherie today, I don't wanna collapse at work . Not that I fear to die but rather I don't want to die in this manner. I want to go happily, it would be better that I die after I got married, watch my children grow up............hahah

Be thankful for what you have now...

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