Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Life is full of little surprises

Happy April Fools' Day!!!!!!!!!!!

No this is not April Fool joke. I just find the whole thing so funny.
See I made some christmas card for my collegues and send them to HK and Beijing last year. For HK I send to Amy gal and she never received. She even went to ask the other Amy in the HK office and still no news.

Yesterday morning, she started to ping me and tell me the whole envelop appear. I went : OMG, pls dont distribute them, this is so embrassing!! But too late, flo flor jie and her has distributed out.. Goodness and the funny thing is its April fool day today. Gosh... how funny..

Flo flor jie ping me in the afternoon and tell me what happen. Its all the wPR's fault for putting Amy's package into another person's pigeon hole and she didn't clear her pigeon hole for more than a quarter (gosh its actually 2 quarters)

Sam ping me today and thank me though he wondered why he took this long to receive it. I was so embrassed and he tell me this : Life is full of littler surprises :)

Yeah I like his mentality , must learn from him .. Today I learn this

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