Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A job is just a job

A job is just a job, now am telling myself this.

Intially had thought it would be a relief to have E coming back to the team but guess all of us are wrong. It is really puzzling and kind of surprise to know the decision which boss had made. Yes I know I should not judge but I can't help it, its just pure favouritism. Ridicuously, do no want to load her, steep learning curve etc according to what she had told one of my collegues.

Who has given the rest of us this chance. since when in my company do we have that luxury, moreover excuse me, she is not new.  Jealous if u ask me, nope I am not. I only want my life and my collegues lifes back thats all. 

How disgusting, E actually had her role cut. Perhaps boss and her had some special arrangments made. I do not know, and really since Jan this year I learn there is no such thing call transparent.  All I do know is the role model in our team is also getting piss off.  All of us are too nice to keep quiet and never report what actually occurs. This is how kind we are and now this bites us back.

I just got to learn of a new powerful word. "Pregnant "   really powerful. Come join my team if u are planning to get pregnant.. But risk being resented by the rest cos we have to cover everything of yours and when u come back, ur role gets cut... isn't it good.

I don't mind to switch my role with her . Anyway I had enough................... I really can't be bothered now.. I didn't even submit a certain report for the 2nd month now. If people did not ask and chase for it this  means they do not need it and thus means I shouldn't be wasting my time on it.

Did I hear something about maybe equity adjustments, promotions . No special forumula but ur performance needs to exceed your current level of expectations.

My opinion if you ask me. I feel like vomiting. Phui... Its still back to B&P and now an additonal P. Now the new abbreviation is BPP....

Now what is the lord trying to tell me, maybe Grace no longer exisit. When God wants you to be in somewhere else, he will lead u to it by making ur circumstances unbearable........ maybe thats it.............. Let's see.

Sorry Boss, u just make E the topic now.  Now no one in the team is going to be happy for sure....  For me, don't come poke me. Poke some more, you bear the consequence. My skill sets are portable with me thats what I know.
OK am done with venting my frustrations.. time to go zzz.. back to backm eeting from 8am all the way... tomorrow.. sheesze think i can skip my lunchie again...   I still owe peopel things.. Don't know what is happen in G China.. all the deals just come non stop china, hongkong, everywehre and all of them requires extra work ....... what kind of deal structure is that....

    i need plum soda. to make me happy now

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