Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You are my sunshine....

Was listening to Joel Osteen's podcast this morning and realise tears were forming in my eyes when I hear the story of the little boy and the little girl.  

I must say Joel Osteen's mesages is always simple and clear and easy listening. I been introducing his sermons to TS who is a non believer. At least she don't reject it.

 Hmmm some leader in church during a minstry meeting was saying about he brings hope and our pastor talks about Grace something along the line. Don't really like that comment.  Each Pastor has their calling using their unique gifts to spread the word of God and spreading Jesus's love. That is why we see some pastors are annointed for healing, some are great workship leaders. God built us all differently and annoint us with different gift sets. And Joel does preach about Grace.   I wish to tell him, don't put others down even though I know you love our Pastor.


Here's a  link  to that sermon I was listening.. You can subscribe to the podcast via Joel osteen minstry website too, itunes.

Speaking the blessing

You are my sunshine, don't take my sunshine away..........................goes the little boy..

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