Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Got an email from boss asking me if I am ok to be part of a testing for this new entity set up saying I ask to be part of it some time ago and this is a great opportunity to be part of it.

Sounds great? In the past my reaction will probably be hooray , OK I am in. Today my reaction is : I check the date. stare at my close calendar and decided, sorry not for me.

Even if means forgoing some chance of promotion I am going to let this go simple because I want my health and life back. :)

Although I must say I do really like to do system implementation, testing etc. Weird huh, chossing the worst task of all. I already said I am not the typical finance person. I can never do financial accounting. A pity though, cos that will really make my CV look good. Headhunters, recruiters would usually comment but well I simply don't like financial accounting cos its too boring for me. If I did FA earlier, I think i would be like my peers now, CFO, Assitant CFO some high level manager etc..unlike a small fry now..

Whatever it is. I just want to be happy.....

Anyway from what I have seen do more= do less= same rank forever= same pay forever=you won't go anywhere. Unfortunately I fear the team has shared the same as me because time have proven this.

Also I do not advocate hard work, but boss advocate this so.......

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