Monday, March 16, 2009

Guilty concious

This afternoon I was strike by guilt when I remember about a fellow sis. I check my msn and oops I still have her block. Some time ago, at one of the nights, I was busy and she was pinging me asking me this and that. I told her that I was busy and she start asking me why, blalbalbla.

I have to politely tell her I am really busy and then plus I was trying to configure the wireless set up on the laptop, so my msn was on and off. She then send me at least 3 emails to my office email and start to apologies, saying now i dont even want to talk to her.

I send her a email and tell her not to be so sensitive and explain what happen. Anyway then I decide to block her. And then I did unblock her I think, I can't relaly remember what happen. All I know is one day she ping me and tell me she is going for a blood test cos of suspicion of cancer (or was it something else). Think thats a month ago.

And today I suddenly think of her and then I realise I dont know why she is still being block by me. I really dont know why. Anyway I send her a sms this afternoon. she told me to pray for a job for her.

Sis, will do that for ya. Remember Christ is always with ya, seek and he shall answer

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